It’s Time to Let Go

In any good superhero story, the hero always has something motivating them, allowing them to don their mask or cape and pushing them to be better. That may be a tragic origin story or some injustice they’re encountered in their lives. It may be the natural sense to “do good”. Aside from the heroes we […]

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A Little Preparation

Preparation. A word that anyone can understand the importance of but also a word that everyone unanimously hates to some degree. Preparation has its benefits, of course. Preparing for a test, for example, usually fares a higher chance of performing well and achieving a good grade. But preparation is exhausting. Imagine being a physical therapy […]

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A Monument to Embracing Our Demons

History has always been quite an intricate yet intriguing concept to humanity. It is a summation of our accomplishments. It is a monument to our sins. One prevailing sentiment of history, though, is the duality between good and evil that it inherently records. History is just a perspective of either side (you know, “history is […]

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Eudaimonia: At What Cost?

“Eudaimonia – a state in which you’re achieving your full human potential” – Ancient Greek Concept, Cal Newport, Deep Work  Eudaimonia is something I believe every human, for the most part, instinctually strives for in their lives. We want to feel whole and as if we have a greater purpose. That we’re all here to […]

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Management: The Guy in the Chair

Every good superhero can’t fight crime alone, at least not for very long. Everyone needs help. For example, let’s take a look at Batman. He’s categorized as the world’s greatest detective and he rightly deserves it because of his infamous “Batcomputer”. Batman cannot always access the computer and that’s where Alfred comes in to assist. […]

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It’s A Superhero Training Montage

We’ve already rediscovered our hidden superpower in our ability to read. We have also identified the shadowy, villainous organization in the attention economy. What do we do next? The obvious solution is to start fighting back and making a change. That’s what heroes does after all. But a good hero doesn’t just rush into battle […]

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